This website provides general information about the development of Rhyzzo. Detailed information is not yet publicly available. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Information Challenge

The following presentation was given at the MyData Conference 2016 in Helsinki, Finland on 1 September 2016.

The Organizational Challenge

The measurement of ‘information awareness’, as explained above, was not possible with existing linear techniques. A new dynamic approach had to be developed. This approach, designed by the Rhyzzo team, is realized in cooperation with Screen.io, using web and app based techniques.

Rhyzzo Dynamics Model

The Rhyzzo Dynamics Model

This now enables us to perform information awareness surveys within organizations. Followed up by consultancy in order to translate the survey results into effective interventions. Enabling the organization to operate on a higher level of information awareness in a sustainable way.

These services can be used in a variety of situations, e.g. solving organizational issues or accomplishing organizational change and development. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

The Rhyzzo Challenge

The Internet has proven to be a great searching, sharing and connecting tool and changed the way we now live and work in the world. What a change! And what a challenge! Because, from our point we can foresee that if it stays in its current state of development, it will not unleash its full potential. Many new applications will still be created within the same field of thinking. This will, because of its lack of depth, in the long run become an obstacle rather than a step forward. The big hurdle is always the same: somewhere along the road, humans have to adapt to the technical possibilities instead of the other way around.
What we have done since 2012 is go back to the principles behind the invention of information technology and world wide web: the deep human drives of exploring, connecting and sharing. What are the intentions that live in us when we want to connect and share? How does sustainable cooperation come about? What are the natural laws behind openness and trust so that we willingly share information? What is the nature of our need to explore and what does this mean for the availability, storage and ownership of data? Our aim has to be to capture reality in a system.

You’d be surprised how much knowledge exists around these themes and how little it is taken into account in the software design and search engines industry. Users will be caught in the rules and regulations of the application, loose their ownership of data, are modeled into the design and have little or no influence in the decision making process.
The results of our studies are reflected in the design of the online tool we call Rhyzzo.

Current Social Context

Rhyzzo current context

An earlier presentation of our ideas:
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